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Inside Foxconn Zhengzhou Plant

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Digg Videos Get inside the mind of Lisa Frank in her first

Get inside the mind of Lisa Frank in her first on-camera interview.

SpaceShipTwo Returning to Earth Looks Just Awesome Gizmodo

Virgin Galactic has tested the return capabilities of their SpaceShipTwo spacecraft for the first time. The video of its first feathered flight is jus...

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Nike: Last

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Anyone can be a runner. All you have to do is start running. From your first mile to your first marathon, Nike+ Run Club can help you get started.

Pope Francis makes history on his first day in Washington

Anderson Cooper looks back on the Pontiff's visit to the White House, the first canonization in the U.S. along with some unscheduled moments.

Video: Baby Reaction To Seeing Mom And Dad Clearly For The First Time ILPvideo

Vision is a beautiful thing. A young person's first pair of glasses usually follows with a moment of complete awe. Their perception of the world ...

Video: Dying Anorexic Actress Stands Up For First Time In MONTHS ILPvideocom

Rachael Farrokh whose desperate plea for help touched hearts across the world is finally receiving life-saving treatment at a California hospital and ...

13 billion warship is first of its kind

The USS Gerald Ford is the first in a line of nuclear-powered ships being built at Newport News Virginia. It's set to join the Navy fleet in Febr...

Prayers for first American killed in Yemeni violence Video Reuterscom

Friends and family honor the life of Oakland man Jamal Al-Labani, the first U.S. citizen to die in Yemen's renewed fighting. Jillian Kitchener re...

Warrior First Battle Scene Tommy vs Mad Dog Full HD

Tommy's first fight, in the gym...

An amp Ria039s first flight the full film

With Vodafone's help, two nans take a leap of faith and board their #First flight. What would you do? Pitch your First at

Historic firsts for the GOP

The midterm election was a night of many firsts for the GOP's young, female and African-American candidates.

LiveLeakcom Barnaby039s First Glove Landing

From only a few feet away, but that's a big first step.