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Inflatable doll swimming race in Lithuania

Lithuanian men took to the water on Friday in a race where inflatable sex dolls are used as rafts.

Will Ferrell IS Arnold Palmer

Fifty years after Arnie

Daniel Chong Press Conference

Daniel Chong gives a press conference.

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Video Got His Mom All Up In His Music Video 3PAC Rich White Man Mark Cuban

By @3PACTV Posted By Persist

Hipsters Love Music Festivals CollegeHumor Video

The people who put the

How to Sell a Haunted House CollegeHumor Video

No one's going to buy, unless it's poop your pants scary. Watch

One Guy 14 Voices CollegeHumor Video

This dude has a voice for karaoke.  Watch

Angry Scottish People Saying Real Words Maybe CollegeHumor Video

One thing's for sure: they're making noises with their mouths. Watch

The Exorcism CollegeHumor Video

A Haunted House 2 hits theaters April 18th! Watch

How To Tell if You039re a Basic Bitch CollegeHumor Video

She's lucky to have caught it early. #blessed Watch

10 Strangers Eat Sandwiches for the First Time CollegeHumor Video

Love is fleeting. A good hoagie is forever. Watch