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Inflatable doll swimming race in Lithuania

Lithuanian men took to the water on Friday in a race where inflatable sex dolls are used as rafts.

Will Ferrell IS Arnold Palmer

Fifty years after Arnie

Daniel Chong Press Conference

Daniel Chong gives a press conference.

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Hairy Asian gf hottie gets a cumshot after sex DaTube

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Amateur threesome DaTube

Video Dinosaur In The Hood Prank ILPvideocom

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The Half Boner Pill CollegeHumor Video

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Grower not a shower? Try Chubbed! Watch

10 Thanksgiving Facts That Can039t Be True CollegeHumor Video

They're unbelievable! So don't! Watch

Sex Dungeons and Dragons CollegeHumor Video

Your deepest fantasies meet your favorite fantasy game. Watch

How America is Like a Bad Boyfriend CollegeHumor Video

Every November he swears he'll change. Watch

Crossfit is a Cult CollegeHumor Video

They're shredded in the head.  Watch