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Darth Weyn Apology Video WATCH

So basically i want to say sorry to everyone i have been a twat to so i made this, i want to say i have changed and want to move things on! Hope you a...

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The Bad Sleep Well 1960 The Geometry of a Scene

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One of Akira Kurosawa’s many gifts was staging scenes in ways that were bold, simple and visual. I’m working on a longer essay about him and this ...

Lil Wayne I039m so Sorry

I'm so sorry. Shot By RobDeGruy

Video I039m Telling On You ILPvideocom

Our conversation about a poor choice. I'm not mad I'm just very disappointed.

I039m telling on you

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Our conversation about a poor choice. I'm not mad I'm just very disappointed.

MLB top plays

hey guys i'm back and i'm planning to be more active soon hope you enjoy the video Sick David Ortiz wallpaper: Funny Bas...

Mawry I039m 12 Years Old and I039m a Bad Btch

by Shane Dawson Originally from this sketch: **This is not real**

How Not To Pull A Sailboat From The Water Video

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure something went wrong there...

039Don039t think I039m crazy because I039m not039

In his closing commentary Bill Weir introduces viewers to the four colorful characters all vying for the ID governorship

Sterling I039m so sorry I039m so apologetic

Anderson Cooper talks with Clippers owner Donald Sterling as he tries to defend himself from claims that he is a racist.

The Most Romantic Texts Ever Sent To The Wrong Person

Ok! So I'm about to go on this blind date (his name is James) if I don't call you in 3 hours, I'm either dead, or have been sold in a s...