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SungMin27thBday Project 2012

This is for the aegyo king, Lee SungMin. Made by his female counterpart, who have the same DOB with him, @Nala_17. Presentation by PumpkinMin.PH and...

111109 Korea Food Expo sungmin

111109 Korea Food Expo - sungmin


120825 We Got Married _ Key & Taemin cut

Fancam 120806 Sukira Sungmin S DJ

"Love Me Love Me - 원써겐"/"파자마파티 - 슈퍼주니어H"

Fancam 120711 Sukira Sungmin

"연애 - 애즈원"/"사랑 그대로의 사랑 - W.H.I.T.E.(화이트)"

Fancam 120530 Sukira Sungmin

"한번만 안아줘 - 걸스데이"

Official audio 120328 OH WA Sungmin039s new OST for I Need A Fairy

28 Feb 2012 OH WA - Super Junior Sungmin new OST for Drama I Need A Fairy 성민 [선녀가 필요해 OST Part.2] cr: KyuMin_Everyday for more updat...

For2morrowFancam 120317 SS4 in Bangkok Sungmin Solo One in a million

Dont Reupload and you can find HD in

SS4 190212 WaterSpray Part 2 Yesung Sungmin Shindong Kyu bias fancam

Sorry for the shaking, my arms were getting really tired frm all the waving~