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Frankenstein And Comic Book Guy Roomates Claymation

Frankenstein moved in with the Comic Book Guy silly claymation cartoon. The new bachelor pad has a bit of trouble when Frankie and CB can't get a...

Charlie Butters Toilet Toothbrush Claymation

Charlie Butters tired after a long day goes to get ready for bed in his bathroom. Washing his face, shaving and attempting to brush his teeth, but som...

Valentine039s Day Claymation Charlie Butters

Charlie celebrates Valentine's Day and buys his wife a nice heart shaped box of chocolates but his daughter Izzy has other ideas. A funny Valenti...

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Untitled Cloverfield motion stabilised on Vimeo

Greatest Hits 2013 01:24:40 
h.264 compressed video file Motion stabilising software effect applied to 2008 feature film 'Cloverfield&rsqu...

Handson with Sixense039s MakeVR a motion controlled 3D modeling suite bound

The last time we saw Sixense's Stem motion controller, it was little more than a collection of prototypes. The company showed us a gaggle of plex...

Jumping cat slow motion

Прыгающий котэ...

Epic slow motion jump

Just recording myself diving in slow motion. Re watched the video to find my cats reaction.

MAD AS HELL network motion typography

A motion typographic work based on the Sidney Lumet Film Network (1976) Tips are welcome ^^ btc : 14rF3JMbgvcZNGtTJLVNvrBP...

Tokyo In Motion on Devourcom

Tokyo In Motion – Using a frame-blending technique that allows individual frames to be shot at speeds slower than 1/24 of a second, Filmmaker...

Leap Motion releases Free Form an app that lets human hands sculpt digital clay

When we reviewed the Leap Motion controller earlier this year, we found the application selection to be a bit lacking. Since then, the number of apps ...

Dogs Shaking In Slow Motion Video

Some cute pups shake it off in slow motion, and slobber goes flying

Incredible Rio de Janeiro Footage

Produced using different image production techniques, like slow motion sequences, Time Lapse, Hyper Lapse, Rails and Motion Controllers.