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Video Only In CA Drunk Man Wearing Lacefront Wig Terrorizes The 740 Bus

|I was in Inglewood, CA about 5 minutes away from till a drunk cross dresser decided to make it Showtime at the Apollo| - Angelo

Video A Drunk Mess Fool Gets Beat Down By Female

|Guy gets drunk and wants to fight guy off camera, to prevent this, a girl intervenes and holds it down for her apartment!| - TGOD x JETS

Video Rich Teen Kills 4 People While Driving Drunk amp Only Gets Probation

A teenager in Fort Worth, Texas was given probation after driving drunk and killing four pedestrians. Prosecutors pushed for a jail sentence of 20 yea...

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Drunk Kid Takes A Hard Hit To The Head Into Hand Dryer

That's going to leave a mark memory never to get drunk again.

Go Home You Drunk Drunk Guy Think Bouncer Walkie Talkie Is A Breathalyzer Tes

This is how you know that your too damn drunk!

Drunk vs Baby Video

Who is better at performing basic tasks, a drunk man or a normal baby?

Drunk Guy Runs Over Flower Girl Video

Every wedding has one, the person that gets too drunk and does something stupid...

LiveLeakcom Drunk cop pulls gun at store clerk

Kyle James McCartin and another unidentified man entered the Giant gas station located near Sunrise and Kolb around 3 a.m. on Tuesday. Pima Cou...

Well This Will Surely Get Them Anti Drunking Ad Scare Drunk Men In Batheroom

Last thing you want to see when your drunk.

LiveLeakcom Drunk guy makes a THUD

He aint drunk, just wobbly. Oh, wait ..... yep, he's hammered.

LiveLeakcom Irish Drunk or WasterquotPolice comequot

While up at uni in Derry on my way home some guy either drunk or on drugs tries to walk god knows where?..Police came and i shortly ended the recordi...

Drunk Golfer Falls Into Water Video

He must have been drunk to wear those pants out in public!

LiveLeakcom Drunk Man039s Best Friend

Who has friends like this guy can drink until fall in more tranquility. Dogs protecting their drunk owner while sleep in street