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Woman Caught Having Sex With Unconscious Man In The Middle Of The Day In Parking

36-year-old Kimberly Jackson was arrested and charged with being drunk in public after police said she was caught having sex with an unconscious man (...

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LiveLeakcom Bloody drunk attacks

Long time lurker first upload. Drunk guy who got his ass beat tries to fight me. Hilarity ensues. Instagram digdug17

Drunk football

Drunk people playing football. Prod: Lucky View

LiveLeakcom Drunk Driver Runs Over Group of People Killing Two on the Scene

Very bad deal for drunk fucker, he's now facing criminal charges, a 9.000 US$ fine, a permanently revoked license and a messed up car... Alcohol ...

Crazy Drunk Uber Rider

This lady was a little too drunk for her own good.

LiveLeakcom Drunk fight ends in death

two men were drunk and fighting in the city of Munguengue, interior of CearĂ¡, clearly see that in the recording, one is talking about that the other ...

LiveLeakcom Things get out of hand when drunk is refused beer

Man is too drunk to remember to respect his elders

LiveLeakcom Drunk quotFamilyquot Fun

Drunk man wrestles a woman who I hope isn't his daughter(but I think she calls him Dad at :20), while repeating a line that might be stuck in you...

Don039t ever get this drunk

Guy embarrasing himself in front of a camera while totally drunk, sadly funny

Drunk Girl Parks Car IN The Freeway So She Can Pee Video

She should be embarrassed. This is the kind of drunk person, we all hope our drunk selves never become.

LiveLeakcom Street dancing was going welluntil

Happened a few days ago in India. drunk people on the road celebrating Holi (Spring time festival of colors). the (also drunk) driver got a good beati...