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Video Without Even Saying Say Hello To My Little Friend News Coverage On The P

Crazy news story in PhiladelphiaPosted by Jay

Video M2thaK Show News Crew Trippin Dude Gets Punched For Bombing News Team

Exclusive 4 WSHH No Disrespect To Anyone Its Just Comedy!!! Like, Comment, Sub :) Worldstar

Video Cold News Anchor Breaks The News To Many Children quotThere039s No

Posted by @mahad_Worldstar

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Bunnies Get FRISKY On News Desk During LIVE Show

In the spirit of Easter, a television station decided to add two new guests to their news broadcast: bunnies! What happens next, and the anchors'...

Adorable 3 year old is very happy to dance

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The Good News There May Be a Goonies 2 Celebrity Videos TMZcom

The bad news: Corey Feldman will probably be back for it.

Australia News Reporter 039Thanks Fuckwit039

News Reporter giving her piece of mind to a car that beeped at her.

News of Partial Ping a Game Changer

David Soucie offers his analysis of news that missing Flight 370 sent a final "partial ping" calling it a "game-changer"

Mom Tries to Teach Adorable Girl Life Lesson

collected by 4 users

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News Presenter Gives Up 2 Seconds CollegeHumor Video

In other news, nothing matters. Watch

Singing Hopeful039s Reddit Video Goes Viral

Sara Haines reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat index.

Cincinnati News Anchor Sings Traffic Parody of Frozen039s quotLet It Goquo

Tune in next week, when all the anchors perform the news in their own interpreation of Newsies.  Watch

24Hour News Cycle Seems Like It039s Taking Forever Video The Onion Ame

Inclement weather prevents a liar from getting to work, thousands of athletes who will disgrace their country eagerly train for the Winter Olympics, a...