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Results from Daily Media (3 out of 83)
Skateboarder Gets Hit By A Car Video

He lands this huge ollie and survives a car impact.

Man Gets Hit By An RC Car Doing 100 Mph Video

The car swept Gentry's legs out from under him and he flipped on his head. A bunch of staples and stitches later and we are good to go

This is Why You Shouldn039t Leave Your Kids Or Pets In The Car Video

This guy delivers a good message, while experiencing what it feels like to be in a hot car.

Results from all user's collections (10 out of ~5,899)
Lil Waynes Daughter Gets TWO Cars For Her 16th Birthday Celebrity Videos

And one of the cars is a Ferrari GTO, which is probably not the best choice for a teenager.

Window washer plunges onto car

A man falls off a building and is saved by a car below. The driver speaks to KPIX.

Teen rescues officer from burning car

A teenager springs into action after a Philadelphia police officer's squad car bursts into flames.

LiveLeakcom Dumb thieves try a burglary Painful and funny

The raid (in Dutch called a ramkraak) of a phone shop in Bodegraven, the Netherlands, has run anything other than was intended. One of the offenders g...

Never Have I Seen A Car Like This

This is what you get at a car deal for half price.

Some People Will Do Anything For A Parking Space

This guy really wanted to park his car and the only way he could have done it was to lean his car on the wall.

The Transparent Car

Car doors and backseats become invisible with this nearly magical technology Read more:

Volkswagen Amarok Double Cab 20 TDI Trendline 4Motion Exterior and Interior in

Volkswagen Amarok 2.0 TDI Trendline 4Motion with Double Cab in 3D. The van was presented at 2014 IAA commercial vehicles, Hannover, Germany - Thursda....

Skateboarder Gets Hit By A Car Video

He lands this huge ollie and survives a car impact.

103011 RC Car Racing Montage GoPro Hero

An indulgent collection of race footage from Elings Raceway on 10/30/2011. Several unfortunate racers are 'savaged' by the camera car in the...