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LiveLeakcom Another Car Crushed by Truck in China

Car is making right turn.

How to design a car for the future

The Mercedes-Benz EQ concept car, revealed at the 2016 Paris Auto Show, marks a radical moment in the automaker's history.

Is your classic car a fake

There's been a rise in the manufacturing of fake cars, which is forcing car makers to protect their good name. CNN's Nina dos Santos report...

LiveLeakcom Horrific moment when Car gets Crushed and Buried

China. 1 Dec. 2016: A truck tips, crushes and buries a 'Car'. No more info!

How big is Africa039s car industry

Find out which African countries are accelerating in the car industry market.

LiveLeakcom A Child Crashes in Dads Car

China: A gruesome accident was caught on a CCTV camera showing a car crashing into people, Scooters and Cars on a busy market place in China. A ma...

LiveLeakcom Dashcam Captures the Culprit

'Over the past 11 month's my car has been damaged 5 times in total at my work car park. At first I didn't suspect anything, but after t...

LiveLeakcom Car Cuts Off Truck Car Crashes Debris Causes Scooter Crash

The driver said he had to swerve to avoid hitting pedestrians .... bit like a domino effect

LiveLeakcom Suicidal Woman Saved by a Car

Jumps to her death, but a car coushioned her fall just enough to save her life.... FORD to the rescue!