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He039s Farting In My Face Video

A direct hit with a fart to the face causes this guy to lose his lunch on the mat. I guess this is the new evolution of technique in Jujitsu and grap...

Double Paintballs Shot To The Face Video

Ritchie Poo of the stunt group P.O.R takes 2 paintball guns to the side of his face / jaw at point blank range.

Girl Smashes Her Face Sliding Down Escalator Video

She gets a face full of FAIL!

Results from all user's collections (10 out of ~1,536)

Stop Eating The Booty Guy Tells Story Of How A Girl Sht In His Face While Tryi

OMG! This dude voice does not match his face.

Cat Farts in Dogs Face

kitty took a shitty in the doggy's face.

Spokane Shock fan gets smashed IN THE FACE

This oughta teach you not to interfere with the field of play in arena football! Pretty sure the guy got a broken nose IN THE FACE!!

Taylor Swift LookALike Gets All In Man039s Face Cause He Cheating On Her Si

does she have the right to interfere and be all up in dude's face like she's a thug?

Putin and Obama face to face in France

Presidents Obama and Putin had a much anticipated encounter Friday on the sidelines of D-Day commemoration events.

Rick Ross Has A NEW Face Tattoo

The rapper shared his most recent ink, Rich Forever on his face. -splash news

Video Rick Ross Has A NEW Face Tattoo Is It Hot Or Nah

The rapper shared his most recent ink, Rich Forever on his face. -splash news

Face to face with Lolo Jones

CNN's Fredricka Whitfield talks with hurdler Lolo Jones, who wants to run in Rio and perhaps become a four-time Olympian.

What Happened To Your Face Nicole Kidman Celebrity Videos TMZcom

Nic got crazy with the botox! Sad! Or maybe not… can’t really tell cause her face won’t move.

Hamster face changes

ハムスターに人参を与えたところ頬張りすぎて顔が変わっちゃいました(Hamster face changes)。最後の1本なんか口...