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Shootin bullets without a gun

See wat u can hit wit out a gun and leave it in a comment or send me the link to ur video

Trump: It039s not the gun that pulls the trigger Reuterscom

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he doesn't like the thought of President Barack Obama using executive power for gun control. ...

LiveLeakcom Good Girl With A Gun No Match For Bad Guy With A Gun

She died moments after being shot.

Man039s Life Saved By A Gun Jam Video

Tulane Medical student jumps in to stop a robbery, only to have a gun pointed at him.

Potato Gun Recoil Knocks Out Front Teeth Video

His homemade gun misfires and gives him a swift kick to the face.

Modded Nerf Gun Ends In Pain Video

Modified Nurf Gun powerful enough to leave you with some painful welts!

party down south star babies her gun celebrity videos tmzcom

taylor wright a.k.a. “lil bit” keeps her baby close, and her gun closer! is that even legal?!

Official Suspect sold over 100 guns

Officials hold a press conference about a gun smuggling ring which involved transporting loaded guns on airplanes.

LiveLeakcom Curing a 40 Hollow Point Gunshot Wound at Home After Self Inflic

Got shot by accident with my own gun. Playing around with my brother and while grabbing me from my back while carrying my Glock 27 in a holster i.....