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Results from Daily Media (3 out of 21)
The No Longer Fictional FullyAuto Gauss Gun Video

This electromagnetic gun is pretty badass and can fire 7 rounds a second! Finally green technology to kill people without leaving a carbon footprint!

New Jersey Lady Gives The Best Argument For The 2nd Amendment Video

A citizen passionately voices her opinion on gun control and gun rights.

Paper Airplane Machine Gun Video

This guy made a gun that rapidly folds and shoots paper airplanes!

Results from all user's collections (10 out of ~1,906)
party down south star babies her gun celebrity videos tmzcom

taylor wright a.k.a. “lil bit” keeps her baby close, and her gun closer! is that even legal?!

Official Suspect sold over 100 guns

Officials hold a press conference about a gun smuggling ring which involved transporting loaded guns on airplanes.

LiveLeakcom Curing a 40 Hollow Point Gunshot Wound at Home After Self Inflic

Got shot by accident with my own gun. Playing around with my brother and while grabbing me from my back while carrying my Glock 27 in a holster i.....

Maybe it039s called 039Fuck You039 Nerf Gun Review

Here's a photo of the gun for the curious...

Idiot with a gun with slowmotion replay

Wannabe rapper plays around with a gun and suddently... you know the rest. You can't fix stupid,

LiveLeakcom Guns

Guns, whats your favorite.

PsY039s FACE And CSGO Gun Game

I play gun game for one of the first time . --

Gun control debate heats up

Conservative CNN Political Commentator Ben Ferguson weighs in on gun policy debates in Missouri, Colorado and Iowa.

Video SMH 83 Year Old Grandmother Shot By One Of Her Grandchildren All Over A

Miami-Dade police say the younger grandson pulled a gun. As the three struggled, the gun went off, hitting Hall in the leg. She was taken to Kendall ...