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LiveLeakcom Just Another Old School Gun Say

The oldest gun in my collection. A cool piece of American history. Cheers!

Gun club: Trump was the cherry on top

In one year, the National African-American Gun Association's membership has gone from 9,000 to 18,000. There are several reasons, CNN's Ryan...

Will NRAbacked Trump hurt the gun industry

President Trump's win was celebrated as a victory for gun rights advocates -- but gun sales typically flatten under Republican administrations. ...

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Shot amp Killed at Art Gallery

Russian ambassador was shot and killed at art gallery in Turkey by a man reportedly motivated by Russia's actions regarding the war-torn city of ...

Man039s Identical Twin Served 10 Years in Jail For His Crime

After almost 13 years of secrecy, Chicago resident Karl Smith, confessed to a murder which his identical twin brother Kevin Dugar went to jail for mur...

Trump Supporter Pulls A Gun On Black Lives Matter Protestors In Portland New

Michael Strickland is facing menacing and disorderly conduct charges after pulling a gun on crowd of Portland protesters.Posted By Abdul

Murphy: Gun ban for terror watch list is constitutional

A senator who helped get gun control votes on the schedule explains why he can't support a GOP measure to delay gun sales to suspected terrorists...

Suing Gun Sellers and Manufacturers

Lawyer Patrick Dunphy, who successfully sued a gun store for providing a weapon to criminals, discusses Sandy Hook victims' attempt to sue Reming...

Renewed push to close 039terror loophole039 for gun buyers

Since 2004, 91% of people on the terror watch list who want to buy a gun have been given the green light. CNN's Deborah Feyerick reports.