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Trump Supporter Pulls A Gun On Black Lives Matter Protestors In Portland New

Michael Strickland is facing menacing and disorderly conduct charges after pulling a gun on crowd of Portland protesters.Posted By Abdul

Murphy: Gun ban for terror watch list is constitutional

A senator who helped get gun control votes on the schedule explains why he can't support a GOP measure to delay gun sales to suspected terrorists...

Suing Gun Sellers and Manufacturers

Lawyer Patrick Dunphy, who successfully sued a gun store for providing a weapon to criminals, discusses Sandy Hook victims' attempt to sue Reming...

Renewed push to close 039terror loophole039 for gun buyers

Since 2004, 91% of people on the terror watch list who want to buy a gun have been given the green light. CNN's Deborah Feyerick reports.

House Democrats pushing for 039no fly no buy039 gun bill

Democratic leaders held a press conference discussing gun control and legislation to improve it.Sponsored: Drivers With No Tickets In 3 Years Read Thi...

Shootin bullets without a gun

See wat u can hit wit out a gun and leave it in a comment or send me the link to ur video

Trump: It039s not the gun that pulls the trigger Reuterscom

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he doesn't like the thought of President Barack Obama using executive power for gun control. ...

LiveLeakcom Good Girl With A Gun No Match For Bad Guy With A Gun

She died moments after being shot.

Man039s Life Saved By A Gun Jam Video

Tulane Medical student jumps in to stop a robbery, only to have a gun pointed at him.