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This guy is a little too enthusiatic

Guy in audience of America's Got Talent

LiveLeakcom Don039t be that guy

Chinese guy drops firecracker down his pants

LiveLeakcom Guy gets sick of been slapped around

Guy retaliates against hits from girlfriend.

LiveLeakcom A crazy love hate relationship

A guy brought his partner to a petrol station in Kielce,Poland. She had a bruised and bloody face at this time.The guy seems to feel remorse and hugs ...

Hot but stupid girl solving a riddle 1

Hey guys I found the original video on FB, and decided to make it a little more fun! I know is not the best, but I hope you guys like it!! Ps. This is...

5 guys bored being stupidkinda gay but funny as hell no homo

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2 white guys and 3 mexicans getting High on K2 this freaking very funny...we was boreed:(

LiveLeakcom This guy was determined to die

He first jumped out from behind a parked car and quadruple somersaulted onto the side of the road. As the driver was calling for an ambulance the inj....

Weird Arby039s Guy

I can't believe this guy.