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LiveLeakcom A crazy love hate relationship

A guy brought his partner to a petrol station in Kielce,Poland. She had a bruised and bloody face at this time.The guy seems to feel remorse and hugs ...

Hot but stupid girl solving a riddle 1

Hey guys I found the original video on FB, and decided to make it a little more fun! I know is not the best, but I hope you guys like it!! Ps. This is...

5 guys bored being stupidkinda gay but funny as hell no homo

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2 white guys and 3 mexicans getting High on K2 this freaking very funny...we was boreed:(

LiveLeakcom This guy was determined to die

He first jumped out from behind a parked car and quadruple somersaulted onto the side of the road. As the driver was calling for an ambulance the inj....

Weird Arby039s Guy

I can't believe this guy.

LiveLeakcom Guy shows off his oversized muscles Volume

Many leg days were missed by this guy !

LiveLeakcom Guy Disrespects Cop And Gets A Slap To The Chops

Slaps him right on the button causing the guy to start doing a lambada.

LiveLeakcom Caught Masturbating While Smelling a Shoe WTF moment

This guy was then confronted by a guy who lived in the apartment that was in front of the place where he was at.

Just Guy 3 : Cable Guy

"This guy is the best guy, ever guy" - Toma featuring MegaThermal and Duran Carlson https://www.youtu...