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LiveLeakcom Swinging iron ball takes down half of building trapping vrane ope

It is not know if they want to smash down the other half.

Video Young Allwood Live My Life Label Submitted

Album: Half Man Half SaVage Produced By: LG Toronto EIGHTY 8 FIVE Follow On Twitter: @YoungAllwood

Fifty 50 States Half Marathon Club Over 200 Discounts to members - Fun Members - Awesome Gold Cup Personally engraved trophies - Great Annual Member Meet...

LiveLeakcom Man still alive after cut in half GRAPHIC

Man lost lower half of his body. Sources claim that the man didn't die.

LiveLeakcom 50 half pigs fell off a truck in Israel

The half pigs got destroyed by the veterinarian services :(

The Bielefeld Conspiracy

collected by 3 users - - In north-west Germany sits Bielefeld, a city complete with castle, cathedral and citizens. Just on...

Almost Porn: XXXtra Credit

One half college fantasy, one half completely oblivious, yet another sexy scenario that didn't quite happen. Be sure to Subscribe for more video...

Half a Face

Random guy with half a face walks around

Deep freeze to blast eastern half of US Video Reuterscom

The eastern half of the U.S. is bracing for the worst cold in two decades with temperatures expected to reach lows not seen since the mid-1990s. Linda...

The Most Annoying Snore Ever CollegeHumor Video

It's half snore, half birdcall Watch