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Surprise Porta Potty Accident On Highway Video

If he wasn't having a sh*tty day before, he is now.

Driver Almost Makes It Through A Redlight Video

He pulled up too far and got caught in the middle, and just when he thinks it's clear to go...

The Misfortunes Of An Australian Cyclist Video

He says this is exactly why he rides with a camera on his bike.

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Brother of hero He did what he had to

Don Lemon talks to John Vickers, brother of hero Sergeant-at-Arms, Kevin Vickers, who shot and killed Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.

LiveLeakcom Helping hand

Great man. The person in the picture deserves a award for the best child of the year. Even though he is handicapped, he still takes care of his ...

LiveLeakcom instant karma attacks again

he got what he deserved! it happened in Concepcion, Chile.


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Poor Boo just wants to eat , but he has to tackle the 4 inch step down to get to his grain... it gets him every time!

Robert Downey Jr Talks 039Iron Man 4039

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Will he be donning his Red and gold armor for another round? He told Ellen the answer.

Some Of The Greatest Clips Of Kanye West Going Off On Camera

He knows how to make a damn fool of himself, he needs an award for

Teen cries out during sentencing

Friday was a very dramatic day in court as a young man learned his fate. He beat his girlfriend's little boy to death because he wouldn't st...

LiveLeakcom Amazing Typewriter Artist

He has Cerebral Palsy and he paints incredible artwork using only a typewriter Thank you, John Stofflet, for giving liveleak permission to host th.....