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Results from Daily Media (3 out of 87)
The Misfortunes Of An Australian Cyclist Video

He says this is exactly why he rides with a camera on his bike.

Friend Gets Revenge With A Ghost Prank Video

It's safe to say he got the reaction he wanted!

Mountain Biker Slams Full Speed Into Tree Video

A guess he didn't know he had brakes... ouch!

Results from all user's collections (10 out of ~6,498)

Robbery Left Cop With A Bullet To The Eye After He Was Showing Restraint

Luckily he may lost one of his eyes but not his life.

Guy Makes Cereal While Sleep Walking

Yet he claim that he doesn't know where all the milk gone.

LiveLeakcom Unbelievable what was he thinking

what an idiot that's probably how he ended up in a wheelchair, being stupid!

Rasta Man Jumps In Water Knowing That He Can039t Swim

Everyone was having fun, so he decided to get some too.

Man Knocks Out Chick Cold After He Was Jumped By Three Girls For Hitting Their M

He had to fight back but he didn't have to hit her that hard.