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Uncooperative Drunk Gets Tased By Police Officers Video

Instead of tossing his cigarette he chooses to ignore the orders of police and continue smoking it. Resisting arrest or failure to cooperate can be p...

More Police Brutality Caught on Tape Video

A Man filming Las Vegas police on his front yard is beaten up by police when he won

Police To Reporter Your First Amendment Right Can Be Terminated Video

WGN Photographer Donte Williams and Reporter Dan Ponce were detained as they attempted to cover the story of a 6-year-old girl who was shot and killed...

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Rioters threw bottles bricks at police

A street party turned into a violent riot that injured six police officers in Santa Barbara, California. KEYT reports.

LiveLeakcom Gunman Unloads AK on Russian Police

Dashcam footage shows police chase ending in crash and shootout with the rear passenger. One cop can be heard wailing in pain, while his partner retur...

LiveLeakcom Robbers kill clerk in cold blood Shooter later killed by police

The crime was committed in the village of brackish Pskov Region on March 22. Two men armed with guns, threatening worker refueling, took 160,000 ruble...

Outrage over fatal shootings by police

The shooting of an unarmed homeless man by police prompts protests in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

LiveLeakcom Graffiti artist got the face painted after being caught by police

Translate: '- Say sorry' '-Sorry sir, I will never paint the base of police again' '-Now get out before i change my idea.&#.....

LiveLeakcom Defencted weapon used by police Discharges Galore

The gun shown in the video, accidentally discharged, hitting an officer in the foot. The pistol is taurus 24/7. Now imagine an incident that, taking t...

Welcome to the Private Police Force A Bit of Fry and Laurie BBC

A man returns from holiday to find his local police station has undergone some serious renovations! Subscribe to Comedy Greats for more hilarious vid...

LiveLeakcom Turkey Girl fights riot police

In Istanbul/Turkey, Demonstrations broke out after a 15 years old boy Berkin Elvan , who was shot by a police with a pepper gas capsule 270 days ago a...

Look At What Police Drive In Dubai

Dubai one of the richest countries on earth but damn a police rolling in a lamborghini is another level of being rich!