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Police Brutality Breaks Out During Peaceful Protest Video

The Denver Police attack and arrest

Uncooperative Drunk Gets Tased By Police Officers Video

Instead of tossing his cigarette he chooses to ignore the orders of police and continue smoking it. Resisting arrest or failure to cooperate can be p...

More Police Brutality Caught on Tape Video

A Man filming Las Vegas police on his front yard is beaten up by police when he won

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LiveLeakcom Greedy Cops Setup Crosswalk Revenue Trap

From FreethoughtProject : A video uploaded to facebook Monday shows what low levels police will sink to in order to generate revenue. ...

Citizens Rush To Help Police Officer After A Rusle With A Theif Who Broke Into A

That's how people and police should get along.

LiveLeakcom In film chase police from inside the helicopter shoots in bandit

The Military Police of Goiás conducted a major operation to recover a stolen with a hostage in Goiania car. According to the corporation, dozens of p...

Police Officers feat Santa Jingle Bells Music Video

This Hampton Police Division is making sure you stay safe this holiday season!

Police looking into toddler039s death

Police still have questions in the case of the 22-month-old Georgia child allegedly left in a car by his father.

Police Shooters equated cops to Nazis

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department describes what happened when a couple shot two police officers.

Canadian police No way to describe the level of hurt Video Reuterscom

June 5 - Amateur video captures a shootout with a gunman in Canada that left three police officers killed -- an incident police are calling

Video Full Time Snitch Rides Around Town Telling On People To The Police

For more information and to watch when available head here:

Traffic Droid - half superhe...

LiveLeakcom Drinking and Driving

The clips were recorded by on-board CCTV cameras on police cars and were released by Greater Manchester Police Monday to launch its summer crackdown. ...

LiveLeakcom A Case of Police Brutality

A new video has come to the attention of the Springfield Police Department. A witness, who filmed the ordeal, claims the SPD tased the man on the.....