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Boy Levels His Dad For Whooping Him At School With A Stick Video

Lesson to parents: do not try and embarrass your kids at school.

High School QB Playoff Fail Video

A high school quarterback doesn't know how a football game ends.

High School Runner Carries Injured Competitor Video

This teen was faced with a tough choice in her final high school cross-country meet, and she chose kindness.

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LiveLeakcom Lunchroom Ambience at a Chicago Public High School VOLUME

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Eating there every school day, would definitely leave me with a bad case of indigestion.

Video Moses Brown School Is Closed ILPvideocom

Just in time for Blizzard 2015, Head of School Matt Glendinning has a special snow day message for you.

Moses Brown School Is Closed

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Just in time for Blizzard 2015, Head of School Matt Glendinning has a special snow day message for you.

Kindergarten Kid Riding Motorcycle to School

Recorded on December 14, 2012 at Soderstrom Elementary School, Lindsborg, KS

Mourning continues after school massacre Video Reuterscom

Families of some of the victims of a massive school shooting in Pakistan hold funeral services. Julie Noce reports.

School becomes Whoville for a day

A Canadian school transformed into Whoville to celebrate the book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

School shooting at Oregon high school

Several people have been shot at a high school in Portland, Oregon. Jake Tapper reports.

Soldier surprises son at school

Christmas came early for one student when his father, who was stationed in Afghanistan, surprised him at school.

Expert Schools need shooting drills

Anderson Cooper speaks with Fmr. FBI Executive Assistant Director Sean Henry about the Washington state school shooting.

Kid says Fuck Her Right in the Pussy in front of Entire School

Highlight of the School Year. After the camera went off, people were clapping and cheering while the guy was being dragged to the principal's off...