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Cameraman Finds Suspect Before Cops And Gets Shot At Video

Andrew Samuolis, 34, is being held on $1-million bond and could face a judge in Danielson Superior Court after police said he shot the officer and fle...

Bow and Arrow Trick Shots Video

The Panda Ambush shot is my favorite " head shot " !

Sexy Billiard Trick Shots In Las Vegas Video

Amazing trick shots performed by

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KYD Works Mothafkin Money Unsigned Artist New Video


Police Suspect shot at officers

Police fatally shot a gunman who opened fire at Florida State University's library, authorities say.

The Craziest Golf Shot You039ll Ever See

This guy thought that it was just too easy to score. So he took the long way around and did a mind blowing shot in the 9th hole Elie like a boss.

Witness 039I saw body slumped down039

Journalist Josh Wingrove describes the scene in Ottawa where at least one person has been shot.

US official Flight MH17 shot down

The United States has concluded the Malaysian airline was shot down, a senior U.S. official told CNN's Barbara Starr.

Scene of threegeneration shooting

Authorities say an 84-year-old North Carolina man shot his son, and then his 11-year-old grandson shot him to death.

GoPro Moonroof Trick Shot Basketball

collected by 2 users

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3® camera from ‪ David Kalb shoots some of the weirdest and most creative baskets ever seen.  Check out...

LiveLeakcom Woman knocks out thief with a dummy He also took a shot

The Civil Police of Maringa released images from the security cameras showing assault on a dressmaking shop in the city center, which ended with in a...

Congressman I heard 8 shots in a second

Rep. Matthew Cartwright was sitting on a balcony at the Capitol when shots rang out below.

Lucky Half Court Shot Wins Tuition Fee

A well deserved shot am sure.