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LiveLeakcom Husband fights wife at home

Wife says he eats too much but never behaves like a real man, which makes him angry.

LiveLeakcom Man gets knife hacked in head by wife on Valentine039s day

He was busted by wife when dating other woman.

LiveLeakcom Mistress Beaten Up and Thrown off Bridge by Enraged Wife

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Short story: Husband went off-duty on this lady, but his wife found out.

The Forever Pose

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Wife asks for photo, wife gets video instead. Guy lucky to still have wife. See part 1: To use this vide...

LiveLeakcom Drunk Man Beats Up his Wife gets KO by Flying Brick

According to the conversation they had on video, it all started because the wife found out that his husband was cheating her

How did this spy039s wife get pregnant

A Cuban spy, released from an American prison, comes home to find his wife pregnant. CNN's Patrick Oppmann reports.

Neighbor Shooter039s wife is grieving

CNN's Michael Smerconish talks to a neighbor of Ivan Lopez who recounts the anguish the shooter's wife is enduring.

LiveLeakcom quotManquot slaps wife and gets KTFO

Well that escalated quickly... According to the source, he slapped his wife (in the yellow shirt with the child) right before the camera started ro.....

Medical expert Utah doc039s wife drowned

Martin MacNeill said his wife died of heart attack. CNN's Jean Casarez reports on the latest developments in his trial.