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Hammer Dance Slaughterhouse Music Video MTV

Watch the full length music video "Hammer Dance" from Slaughterhouse for free on

Do My Dance Tyga Music Video MTV

Watch the full length music video "Do My Dance" from Tyga for free on

Dance Apocalyptic Janelle Monae Music Video MTV

Watch the full length music video "Dance Apocalyptic" from Janelle Monae for free on

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Video Turnt All The Way Up Ice JJ Fish Is Dead Azz Serious With This Crazy Sei

SMH, This About To Be The New Dance Posted By Persist

A Fat Girl Dancing Better Thank You Can

Just goes to show that how big or small you are does not matter when it comes to dancing.

Check Out This Insane Remote Control Dubstep Dance

y'all killed this man,I threw my hat at my cpu screen and had a dance orgasm at the same time is that possible?!!! lol?

Mexicans Have The Craziest Dance Moves Ever

I thaught i was the only one in this world that dance crazy!

Lady Detroit Goes IN Dancing To 2 Chainz

her dancing skills are off the chain!!!!

This Marine Got Some Nice Dance Moves

Only if they give medals for dance move.

Amazing Asian Concept Dance

Cool dance routine.

Interesting Asian Concept Dance Video

The "Quick Crew" preforms a uniquely cool dance routine.

Jay R Feat Marcus Cooper Pleasure P DANCE Exclusive Music Video AllHipHop

@JRMusic305 Featuring @Marcus_Cooper 'DANCE'