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Keep an eye on your kids for Christ039s sake

Terrible parents let their kid run around the laundromat unattended, after an hour of running around in the parking lot the inevitable happens

Newfie accent gets the job every time

Charismatic delivery and an outstanding CV. What could go wrong? First came across this in the late '90s when it was being forwarded around by Me...

Drunken Romanian Youths Swinging Old Lady Around Video

An elderly woman screams in terror as she's swung around by her coat. Not sure if it's real or fake, or if she enjoyed it or not... Your W...

Richardson Russia can help around world

Bill Richardson, (D) Former Governor of New Mexico, weighs in on chaos around the globe.

This Is Why You Don039t Play Around With Mother Nature

This is not an accident. This is Darwin at it's finest. She played games, dancing around rather than getting out of the way (like the friend did)...

LiveLeakcom Pet Tiger 2 Walking around enzo039s house

Guy is a millionaire. Showing some of the damage and changes that needs to be done to keep enzo happy ,other animals ,and things around the house. .....

High School Hockey Player Scores An Awesome Goal Video

He went around the defense like a hoop around a barrel and tucked it away top shelf where grandma hides the cookies.

Syria Violence rages around Damascus

Watch the latest breaking news, politics, entertainment and offbeat videos everyone is talking about at Get informed now!

Victor Martinez Dances Around the Catcher to Score

Victor Martinez of the Detroit Tigers, had to dance around the catcher in order to score, but he did it! The Tigers won the game 8-3. I DO NOT OWN RI...

MyFreedomDay kicks off around the world

Students from around the globe are taking part in "My Freedom Day" and saying what freedom means to them.