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Hitchens Serves Bill Maher039s Panel

Bill Maher

Bill Moyers Joblessness is Killing Us Pope Agrees

"If we don’t dethrone our present system of financial capitalism that rewards those at the top who then use it to rig the rules against even th...

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Thank you Reddit

Bill Gates did his third Reddit Ask Me Anything. You can read the full AMA here: And check out Bill and Melinda's 2015 An...

Bill Cosby The accusations

Hear from several of the women who have spoken out and brought allegations against Bill Cosby.

Israel bill tries to 039create a constition039

Christiane Amanpour speaks with Yoaz Hendel, Fmr. Spokesman for Prime Minister Netanyahu, about a controversial new bill.

British govt unveils counterterror bill

Critics say a broad new anti-terrorism bill proposed in the UK may go too far. CNN's Atika Shubert explains.

Bill Murray Trains For The Marathon David Letterman

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Bill interrupts the show to get in a little pre-marathon workout.

Bill O039Reilly Takes Offense The Colbert Report Video Clip Comedy Cent

Fox News's Bill O'Reilly lashes out at Stephen for praising his plan to win the war on terror with a mercenary army. (5:48)

Bill Burr on Motherhood

A clip from Bill Burr's comedy spot titled "Let it go".

Bill Gates How to Vacation with 76 Billion Dollars Celebrity Videos TMZcom

Bill Gates takes his family on a good ol’ summer vacation! And billionaires do it … on a yacht!

Bill Richardson Put pressure on Russia

Fmr. U.S. Amb. Bill Richardson says U.S. needs international support to deal with conflicts in Middle East, Ukraine

Bill Clinton Hillary039s not out of touch

Former President Bill Clinton is coming to the defense of his wife Hillary. Our politics panel weighs in.