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Bill Kollector the bill collector

My brother left me this voice mail the other day and I thought it was too funny not to share.

Bill O039Reilly in 95 seconds

Bill O'Reilly hosts the number-one show on cable news. He's also a best-selling author and has a degree from Harvard.

Bill Hicks Happy Consumers

Sane Man was Bill Hicks’ first full-length comedy special, taped in 1989. This is the early years and the foundation of what would become his signat...

Bill Burr Why Men Aren039t Sensitive What Are You A FG

From Bill Burr's Special: Let It Go

Bill Burr explains heaven

I do not own this material. If you enjoy Bill Burr's work please donate to him at and buy the full DVD release.

Bill Clinton: 039I almost want to apologize039

Bill Clinton, while campaigning for his wife, addressed a fiery exchange he had with Black Lives Matter protesters. CNN's Michelle Kosinski repor...

Thank you Reddit

collected by 2 users

Bill Gates did his fourth Reddit Ask Me Anything. You can read the full AMA here: And check out Bill and Melinda’s 2016 Ann...

Bill Hicks It039s Just a Ride

Bill Hicks: December 16th 1961 - February 26th 1994 I do not own the copyrights. This is for non-commercial, educational purposes. Music by Bensound ...

Bill Burr: Women Want To Ruin The NFL Video eBaum039s World

Bill explains that ladies are jealous of mens' simplistic, football-loving brains.

Bill Burr Makes Homemade Pie Crust Video

Doing it the way only Bill can.