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Hitchens Serves Bill Maher039s Panel

Bill Maher

Bill Moyers Joblessness is Killing Us Pope Agrees

"If we don’t dethrone our present system of financial capitalism that rewards those at the top who then use it to rig the rules against even th...

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Bill Clinton Hillary039s not out of touch

Former President Bill Clinton is coming to the defense of his wife Hillary. Our politics panel weighs in.

Bill Nye Science Guy Dispels Poverty Myths StopTheMyth

Read Bill & Melinda Gates' annual letter and #StopTheMyth:

Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party Gives Marriage Advice CollegeHumor Video

Always the bridesmaid, never the Bill Murray.  Watch

Don sends a message to Bill O039Reilly

In 'Where I Stand' - Lemon takes issue with Bill O'Reilly's claim the media missed Macklemore's controversial costume

Bill Nye We don039t agree on the facts

Bill Nye the Science Guy debates climate change with Nick Loris of the Heritage foundation.

Veteran039s benefits bill fails to pass

A Democratic bill designed to reform veteran services failed in the Senate.

Arizona governor will likely veto bill

CNN's Wolf Blitzer talks to Gov. Jan Brewer's political adviser about Arizona's controversial religious freedom bill.

Arizona bill 039not about discrimination039

Alliance Defending Freedom's Kelly Fiedorek says a bill calling for protection of religious beliefs doesn't discriminate.

Belgium approves child euthanasia bill

Belgian parliament has approved a bill that will allow sick children under 18 to be euthanized. Diana Magnay reports.

Bill Nye The Joy of Discovery

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A marvelous excerpt from Bill Nye's recent debate set to original music. Subscribe for more science mashups and remixes!