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Body 2004

Notes: I made this video in a month during the summer of 2004 by sneaking into Cal Arts to use the equipment. Whenever the security guard came aroun...

Amazing SpiderMan Fails

Spider-Sense doesn't seem all that reliable in 1967.

Cartoon AllStars To The Rescue 1990

The plot chronicles the exploits of Michael, a teenager who is using marijuana and stealing his father's beer. His younger sister, Cory, is worri...

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Controversial Danish election cartoon pulled

A cartoon urging Denmark's youth to vote has been criticized for its violent, sexist and pornographic content.

Video We Are Young Money 5 The Dedication YMCMB Dinner Parody Cartoon

Cartoon by @FilnoBEPPosted by Jay

Cartoon Little Mole 09 The Mole And The Lollipop

Cartoon - Little Mole - 09 - The Mole And The Lollipop

Cartoon Network Turns 20 The Family Room EWcom

On Monday, Cartoon Network is throwing itself a very special birthday party, celebrating two decades of animated shenanigans. To mark this milestone, ...

Cartoon contest organizer I039m antiJihad

American Freedom Defense Initiative President Pam Geller defends holding a Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest that led to a shooting in Garland, Texas. ...

Black History in the USA Banned Cartoon

collected by 3 users

Breif history of the USA cartoon by Michael Moore

Homemade cartoons

This a homemade cartoon that can be made with a painting of starman, ultimate paint and memoriesonweb (slideshow software). This cartoon has many diff...

43 Cartoon Theme Song Mashup Video

collected by 2 users

Ensemble ACJW goes through 43 cartoon themes including The Flintstones, Pink Panther, South Park and more. Can you name them all?

cartoon bird drawing vidme

LiveLeakcom WTF 1920amp039s Cartoon

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Adult cartoon from the 1920s. Disney animator Ward Kimball offered the following story about the short film: The first pornographic-cartoon was made ...