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Strange To Meet You ampbull VideoSift Online Video Quality Control

A surreal encounter in a coffee shop. (Entry for The Coffee Video Giveaway)

Coffee Snobs ampbull VideoSift Online Video Quality Control

For Funny or Die Description: You know how there are those pretentious assholes that work at high ...

History of Coffee

Cute story of how coffee was discovered in Ethiopia, and how it became a trade.

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Is Coffee Good For You How Stuff Works

collected by 2 users

Over 400 billion cups of coffee are drunk globally each year, so it's important to establish what impact coffee has on our health.

EndtoEnd Coffee with Bonaverde

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Romain Dillet has a chat with Bonaverde's Hans Stier at CES 2016 about their connected coffee machine, the slightly rocky road to fulfillment, an...

Skateboarder Spills Coffee Serious Case of the Mondays

This dude obviously hasn't had his coffee yet this morning. And from the looks of it, he might not be getting it anytime soon. Original Link: htt...

Coffee culture on the rise in nation of tea drinkers

Jamada Kiyemba, founder of Origin Coffee, is on a mission to narrow the gap between farmers and coffee lovers in Uganda.

New Coffee Machine Makes Sex Noises Video

This coffee maker seems to REALLY enjoy making coffee.

Kim Kardashian Makes Fresh Coffee Video

Does this coffee smell weird?

Coffee cup revolution is coming

A British inventor came up with a new design to cut down the 50 billion coffee cups that end up in landfills every year.

LiveLeakcom I wonder if it was the coffee

I went to DD like I do every morning to get my coffee and saw this unpleasant sight.

Coffee production could be in jeopardy

Pests, rising heat, and extreme weather may impact the supply of coffee in the future, and the industry is worried.

Dumb Starbucks Coffee Video

A Canadian comedian named Nathan Fielder opens a parody coffee shop called