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First day of competition in the books

CNN's Christina Macfarlane wraps the action from Saturday and tells us what to watch out for on Day 2 of the Olympic Games.

Chants and jeers on day one of the DNC

Supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton clashed throughout day one of the DNC

Day 2: Muddled Messages at the RNC The New York Times

The first day of the Republican National Convention did not go as planned, and on the second night in Cleveland, staying on message proved difficult f...

Day 2: Tuesday at the RNC in 90 seconds

A recap of the big moments from the second day of the Republican National Convention.

Speaker highlights from day one of the RNC

Featured speakers Willie Robertson, star of "Duck Dynasty", actor Scott Baio, Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump'...

National Donut Day

In case you need an excuse, there is a whole day devoted to donuts, and it occurs on the first Friday in June each year.

Timeline of Prince039s last days

CNN's Kyung Lah analyzes the weeks leading up to Prince's death. Several people that saw the music icon in his finals days say he acted norm...

Horrible: 10Year Old Boy Died After His Parents Refused To Let Him Drink Water

Twin brother talks about what happened in the days leading up to his 10-year-old brother Johnathan's death.Posted By Ghost

Taiwan039s flames of love can039t be quenched on Valentine039s Day Re

Rainy skies can't stop hundreds of couples in Taiwan from celebrating Valentine's Day by sending candle-lit lanterns floating off into the n...

LiveLeakcom Shiisme SelfHarm Gone Wrong

Shiites from all around the world harm and punish themselves in the day of Ashoura, they do that to feel what the Imam Hussain felt when he was killed...