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11YearOld039s Touching Reaction to Some Big News

(youtube) Logan did not know what was on the paper when he started reading it to the camera. We cut in as he is listing off some of the things he will...

News presenter microphone fail

He should of kept his eyes open while he was talking,he was a good sport though lol!

Driver thinks he can overtake on icy road

"He didn

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Big Brother champ Evel Dick Donato was hit by a car Celebrity Videos

At least he thinks he was…he can’t really remember, despite only having one or two beers.

The Anomaly Movie Trailer

A former soldier is taken captive and awakens in the back of a van to learn he only has a few moments to figure out how he got there. It's a uniq...

Stay Away From This Man Australian Man Dating 10 Women At The Same Time Gets Ex

He targets single white mothers. He don't seem to like black woman to me.

Crazy Man Thinks He Is The Lord Jesus Christ

The irony of this is that he was talking at a UFO conference.

LiveLeakcom Man saved from jumping off bridge Hartford CT

I Filmed this (PRHartford) from my dash camera and cellphone. As a LiveLeaker I knew I would catch something someday....Just so happened he did not ju...

Video He Put The Moves On Him Funniest 1Minute African Movie Clip

The way he dodged that knife

Ben Affleck Talks To The TMZ Tour Bus Celebrity Videos TMZcom

He waves, he cracks jokes, and he’s so into us!!! Biggest Celeb encounter EVER!

The Ultimate Warrior Is Gorilla Pressing God Now Celebrity Videos TMZcom

He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. Cuz he beat the living crap out of many many wrestlers.

LiveLeakcom Dude breaks into my neighbors shed tries to steal his quad Dela

He was caught - didn't make it far at all I had already called the cops, and he made it maybe a quarter of a mile. I had a Remington 870, but as ...

Dog Celebrates Birthday CollegeHumor Video

He got exactly what he wanted: something he could destroy without getting in trouble. Watch