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This is an amazing move by a world champion pole dancer... completely real. nothing fake about it at all.

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How can I use less water

Freshwater makes up only 3 percent of the planet's supply of water. We can't afford to waste any: here's how you can save more, every d...

How heroin gets across the border

How do you stop a drug that travels in quantities so small, that it is nearly undetectable? Deborah Feyerick reveals the fight by land, air and sea. ...

How Jawbreakers Break Jaws Food Factory

Discover how the jaw breaking sweet is made and how they make them so hard!!! Subscribe: Li...

LiveLeakcom Leg straps Incident

How this can happen i do not know but i hope this video will raise awareness to how important it is to pay attention to detail when base jumping. I a...

Weaving Shibusa: How Japan perfected an American classic

A new documentary explores the history of Japanese jeans, the process of creating quality denim, and shows how a vintage pair of Levis can sell for $4...

How did the world039s most famous fossil die

After analyzing Lucy's bone fractures, scientists at the University of Texas at Austin may have figured out how our early human ancestor met her ...

Heres How to Escape the Friend Zone According to Science

Psychology Today explains how you can get yourself out of the dreaded Friend Zone and remember, sometimes you just have to shoot your shot.

How much do you love your phone

It would be safe to say that a lot of us 'love' our smartphones, but how far would you go to show that love? ‪In this original video, Aaro...

Brexit: How did it happen

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union in a historic referendum. CNN's Max Foster looks at how events unfolded.