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This is one amazing lava lake at top of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii

Scientists from the United State Geological Survey capture dramatic footage of the lava lake at Mount Kilauea in Hawaii, which is rising to new height...

Inside Hawaii039s underground lava tubes

Kilauea is an active volcano in Hawaii. Over the years, the lava from Kilauea has created a series of amazing underground tubes that people can now ex...

lava flows from hawaii039s kilauea volcano reuterscom

a fast-moving river of molten lava from erupting volcano kilauea creeps over hawaii's big island. rough cut (no reporter narration).

Last man in Hawaiian volcano town gives up after 26 years

Jack Thompson leaves his home, the last in Royal Gardens, just hours before it is destroyed by lava from Mount Kilauea. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin. Li...

Rivers of molten lava high up Pulama Pali on Hawaii Island Feb 2012

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A surge of lava spews out of a rupture in the lava tube system and is heading down steep cliffs, or pali in Hawaiian. This strong flow is being suppli...

COLLAPSE OF VOLCANO DOME CAPTURED jungle burns NEW LAVA fissures in Hawaii

A very special thanks to youtube user : Biita05 .. much love! The "big Island" of Hawaii has had some serious activity the past 12 hou...