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Angry man stuck in the snow

LiveLeak description: I heard a man cursing loudly outside my window, so I peeked. Then I grabbed my phone quickly because his 4 wheel drive was spinn...

Rough Rider Promo Documentary about Cycling whistleblower

a man Lance Armstrong tried and almost succeeded in destroying this man, Paul Kimmage

The Mirror ampbull VideoSift Online Video Quality Control

Le Miroir tells the story of a man - in the sense of the human being - which passes from childhood to the status of "old man", the time to f...

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LiveLeakcom Courageous man stung by hundreds of bees

A man in a rural property try to impress friend by nocking a bee nest with his bare hands

Video shows man rescued from Tainan quake rubble Reuterscom

Rescue workers lift a man in his forties from the debris of collapsed apartment building, more than 48 hours after a deadly earthquake hit Taiwan. Rou...

LiveLeakcom 80yearold Man stops armed robbery

Translation from source: The courage of an elderly 80 years surprised everyone , he reacted and tied a thief who was robbing a market in Santa Maria /...

LiveLeakcom Man slits his own throat in shopping center

Man publicly kills himself in an Auburn Woolworths, Sydney Australia

Man Forces His Cheating Girlfriend To Walk Around New York In Just A Towel Vid

The man claims he caught her sending naked pics to 7 different men.

Man Has Bad Day During Flood In LA Video eBaum039s World

One man sum's up Southern California's feelings about the recent flooding due to El Nino.

LiveLeakcom Man Killed by Accidental Shooting Inside a Gas Station 1:00

Man accidentally shot by his friend. Happened in Punjab, India

LiveLeakcom Hero man saved kids life

a wise man sees trouble coming and prepares for it.

LiveLeakcom Man accidentally kills his wife

Traffic accident occurred yesterday, December 1, in the village of Krasny Yar. Reported AMIA Russia's Astrakhan region. According to prelimi.....