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Sugar and kids The Toxic truth 60 Minutes ampbull VideoSift Online Video

This week on 60 Minutes, Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on new research coming out of some of America

One Minute in Mexico

From Vimeo: "Just about everything about Mexico is incredible, and the food... is unparalleled. Two weeks of eating down to one minute of love.&q...

A bit from Gordon Ramsay on 60 minutes UnCensored 00 52rv

great advice for anyone who cares to be successful

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ITER in five minutes

a 5 - minutes video on fusion produced for the MIIFED conference in Monaco.

Cool your drink in less than a minute

A new cooler chills canned drinks in under a minute, but it comes at a hefty price.

Former hostage Day 4 is minute to minute

The AC360 Later panel speaks with former hostage Jessica Buchanan about what it's like to be held captive.

Tyler the Creator quotThe One Minute Showquot

Subscribe to Mass Appeal: On this episode of The One Minute Show, AlBe head...

Last Minutes With Oden Video

A heartbreaking story of one man's last few minutes with his best friend.

Tesla Model S On 60 Minutes

B-Roll footage from the recent 60 Minutes special episode with Elon Musk. Context:

Talented Spray Painting Street Artist Video

A couple gets an awesome painting for their daughter of a fantastical New York City skyline. This is a sped up, 3 minute clip. You can check out the...

LiveLeakcom 6 Minutes of Bull Run Fails

6 minutes of people getting their balls kicked in by bulls. What could be better?

LiveLeakcom Tokyo039s caninefeline extermination system processes a batch

A 6 minute segment taken from a 25 minute piece of footage which details the entire process of extermination, from arrival at the facility, to inciner...

Cities in Minutes