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Feeling Salty Why You Don039t Want To Rage Quit In Mortal Kombat X Quitalit

Speaking during their livestream today, developers at NetherRealm studios explained how they plan to punish rage quitters: Quitalities. And yes, it fi...

Video Mortal Kombat X Fatality Compilation

Fueled by next-gen technology, Mortal Kombat X combines unparalleled, cinematic presentation with all new gameplay to deliver the most brutal Kombat e...

Mortal Kombat Flip Book Jax vs Shang Tsung Video

An awesome flip-book style animation of a Mortal Kombat battle to the death!

Gametrailerscom Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe GC 2008 World Exclusive Joke

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe: GC 2008: World Exclusive Joker Fatality Walkthrough (Cam) HD - The Joker does it for the lulz.

Playing Mortal Kombat with Guitars On the Front Line SXSW 2016

Chris Watters interviews two tech-savvy guitarists who hacked Mortal Kombat, Mario Kart, and more to be playable with guitars. Like, actual guitars. ...

St Patty039s Day Invades Mortal Kombat XL039s Living Towers

A fun event has triggered in Mortal Kombat XL where beers are tossed out to drunken the combatants, exploding leprechauns run rampant, and more. Foll...

Every Fatality and Brutality in Mortal Kombat XL

Watch all the gut wrenching fatalities and brutalities in Mortal Kombat XL. Follow Mortal Kombat X at!

Mortal Kombat XL Early Look Livestream

Erick and Richard check out the new characters: Leatherface, Alien, Triborg, and Bo' Rai Cho in Mortal Kombat XL. Subscribe to us now on YouTube...

Mortal Kombat039s Secret Menus Discovered 20 Years Later GS News Update

The Cutting Room Floor uncovered the secret EJB menus (named after series creator Ed Boon) last year, and YouTuber YourMKArcadeSource has finally show...