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Astronomer039s Paradise ampbull VideoSift Online Video Quality Control

(Kicks off at 52 seconds) I hope we could at least capture the magic of this very special place a bit – this is how the night sky looks like, if peo...

How the sun sees you

We showed people what they looked like in ultraviolet, & wondered aloud if they wanted to put on some damn sunscreen already. follow me on t...

Interview gone Very wrong ampbull VideoSift Online Video Quality Cont

An news programs approaches people on the sidewalk for vox pop clips. The subject is what people on the street think about different language issues. ...

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The Walking Drunk People quotZombifiedquot By Alcohol Parody New Video

Drunk People Make Pretty Accurate Zombies. By Marca Blanca. Posted By Persist

FAIL People with smartphones

Splicing of entertaining people situations whose minds were obscured by smartphones. To subscribe Follow me on G+ : https://plus....

LiveLeakcom Monster Truck drives over spectators

There are several if not dozens of wounded people at the AutoMotorSportief Haaksbergen event. Six people would be resuscitated, according to a witne...

Motorcyclist Trolls People Littering In Public Video

A Russian girl on a motorcycle drives around delivering instant justice to inconsiderate people on the road.

Crazy Woman Goes Off On Driver Who Cuts In Front Of Her Because She Was On Her P

People like her should not be on the road. its people like her that causes accidents.

Machine Gun Kelly Wanna Ball Audio New Video

The No Class Tour was designed to strip people of all the labels and statuses given to us by society. Our concert is class-less, there's no separ...

News Anchor List Five Things Black People Need To Do To Be Better People

That's so true its time for them to clean up their act.

People Passing Out On Live TV The Supercut CollegeHumor Video

Alternate title: people who just can't STAND being on television Watch