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Traffic Stop Nearly Turns Deadly

Doing 71 in a 55 zone that is in the desert is really anything to worry about. But, still - people should learn to STFU, take the ticket and if it rea...

TDS Neil Barofsky The Banks Will Never Face True Justice

If Treasury officials really told Barofsky that "they [banks] would never risk their reputations by putting profit over the public policy goals&q...

Running Really Fast in Subway

An asian guy running really fast in a subway station...or is he....

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Is THIS What REALLY Goes Down On XBox LIVE

Is this really still an issue in 2014? Let's treat everyone fair and equal and stop with the name calling.

What time is it

The Pentagon works on new way to keep really, really, really accurate time. Barbara Starr reports.

LiveLeakcom Rare Historical Photos In Color

A collection of some really nice photos from the past 'come to life'. I've had this idea for quite some time now, but just couldn.....

Are You A Virgin Guy Tells Really Embarrassing Story About Losing His Virginity

I really don't know what to make of this story!

Scott Disick Is Really Really Really Rich Celebrity Videos TMZcom

How do we know? Check out what he uses for toilet paper.

Korean Man Really Enjoys His Food Video

This guy is really, really thrilled to be eating his lunch...

LiveLeakcom Crazy guy gets FREAKY

Looks like hes really really hot inside. Fights everybody, tries to slice his dick off and shit on the road. Etc.

Special Effects Done Right Video

If you look really really closely, you can tell that it

It039s been really really difficult

Rebekah Poret, 12 year-old passenger stranded on Carnival with her father describes the difficult conditions on board.