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One woman039s answer to jihad Reuterscom

France is believed to have lost more young people to jihad in the Middle East than any other European country. Now a Frenchwoman has come up with an o...

Calls for cyber jihad worries Senators

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Robin Williams Jihad

Robin Williams on Jihad. I do not own this. Feel free to comment, but please, no hating or spam.

LiveLeakcom CCTV IAF Pinpoint strike hits Islamic Jihad Militant riding a m

Video shows blast, which Gaza sources say was result of IDF's Sunday airstrike on Gaza, in retaliation for rocket fire on Israel's south .....

Hollywood Jihad Gunman Calmly Shooting Drivers Pedestrians Shouting Allahu Ak

Hollywood shootout: Gunman calmly targeted drivers, pedestrians Photo: Detective Nicole Kittle of the LAPD Force Investigation Division looks as a pe...

Liberty and Islam Cannot Coexist STOP ISLAM

The meaning of the word Islam is literally "submission". The goal of Islam, as stated in the Quran, is to force the world to submit to Islam...

CRASH courses on Islam about Terrorism

collected by 3 users

The enemy of Islamic brutality is information, shared on social media. Carpet bomb the internet with this information. Spread it far and spread it wid...

Information Age will be the Death of Islam

We do not vandalize. We do not engage in hate speech. We have respect for the law. We do not harm our fellow citizens. We are slow to anger and when w...

LiveLeakcom The Israeli response to the Gaza terror group Jihad AlIslami

First vid: The terror group 'Jihad Al-Islami' sent us israelis a warning in a very very VERY bad hebrew .. he was trying to say that we are ...