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Zika hits home for one Reuters reporter Reuterscom

When Reuters correspondent Nick Brown took a one-year post reporting from Puerto Rico, he thought his biggest health risk would be exposure to the int...

Reuters on the Road Disrupting the bank of mum amp dad Video Reuterscom

Osper CEO Alick Varma takes Reuters taxi to talk about his mobile banking service for kids that lets parents keep control.

Reuters on the Road Wave goodbye to passwords Video Reuterscom

Callsign founder Zia Hayat takes Reuters taxi to talk about the mobile app he hopes will put you in control of your online identity.

Reuters on the Road Wet phone Reviveaphone to the rescue Video Reuterscom

Feb. 6 - 20-year old Oliver Murphy takes Reuters taxi challenge to talk resuscitating water-damaged phones and how his invention won him investment i

Trump talks North Korea China with Reuters Reuterscom

In an exclusive Reuters interview, President Donald Trump says he wants to build up the U.S. nuclear arsenal to ensure it is at the

corbyn as pm: reuters takes labour039s pulse reuterscom

with the labour party conference coming to an end, reuters has asked some of those in attendance whether they think their new leader jeremy corbyn can...

most who vape still smoke: reuters poll video reuterscom

vaping – it’s the pseudo-smoking craze that proponents say helps people quit their cigarette habits. but a new reuters poll reveals that argument ...

Reuters on the Road London too expensive Be Frugl Video Reuterscom

July 18 - Frugl founder Suzanne Noble takes the Reuters taxi to tell us about her new app that finds free or low cost events for Londoners on a budget...

Reuters Asks How will markets react to the EU elections Video Reuterscom

May 22 - As Europe heads to the polls, Reuters asks whether the markets have priced in any potential surprises.

Reuters on the Road Chinese made easyChineasy Video Reuterscom

Mar. 21 - Entrepreneur ShaoLan Hsueh tells Reuters why two women together means argument and other visual methods for learning Chinese in her book “...