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Dashcam captures state trooper run over by car

Sgt. Jim Smith was in the middle of a routine traffic stop when a second car careened into him.

Car goes airborne and cameras capture it all

A Florida man was miraculously saved from his car following a crash that sent the vehicle into 360-degree flips in the air.

LiveLeakcom Woman jumps on moving car to scam

Car tries to push her away.

Toddle has miracle escape as car crashes into house

Jaw-dropping moment a toddler eating his dinner appears to be run over by an out-of-control car only to emerge seemingly unscathed from the wreckage

LiveLeakcom Car accident just happened right now in front of my store

Girl's car gets T-boned. Driver and child taken to hospital with minor injuries.

LiveLeakcom Car Intentionally Runs Over Bicyclist

According to the police because of a dispute about a car sale.

Giant Sinkhole Swallows Car Road in Ottowa The New York Times

Witnesses posted video to social media showing a car and roadway being swallowed by a large sinkhole.

LiveLeakcom Guy Jumps Wrecking Car Over Other Wrecked Cars

During some time out, a couple of mates decide to test their theory about jumping a car over a temporary ramp ..... I'd say Mission Accomplished ...

LiveLeakcom Man trying to scam driver gets run over by car

Most drivers would slow down and stop before car hits scammer.

LiveLeakcom Road rage between bus and car

Occurred in Qingzhou, China. Driver of car suffered a crushed leg.