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IHOP kicks off Summer of Smiles Campaign

Today, more than six thousand pancake lovers from around the globe gathered in Monument Circle in Indianapolis, Indiana for a pancake fundraiser hoste...

Building Bridges for Asthma Care

New data from a school asthma management program, “Building Bridges for Asthma Care,” presented today at the American Thoracic Society 2015 Intern...

Help Give Kids Free Books

Two-thirds of children living in poverty have no books at home, according to the 2010 RIF study. That's why Kellogg's® has teamed up with S...

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Commercial preview not for children PopScreen

The Parents Television Council calls out ABC for exposing children and unsuspecting families, who had just finished watching the “It’s the G...

Superheroes Eyewitness Reports

A group of journalists investigate multiple sightings of ‘flying superhero figures’. See the touching stories from real children who have been sav...

War039s psychological toll on Gaza039s kids

CNN's Ian Lee reports on the psychological impact the war is having on Gaza's children.

Children die in Gaza camp shelling

CNN's Karl Penhaul speaks with witnesses of the bombing, including children whose guardians granted him OK to interview.

Journey ends for Honduran children at home as US gets tough on migrants Vide

Busloads of deported mothers and children are repatriated back to Honduras as they were turned away from U.S. where they were seeking better life. Deb...

LiveLeakcom Man Attacks Children at School with Meat Cleaver

Chilling CCTV video showed the attacker swiping wildly at running children and walking around the playground with blood smeared on his shirt. One s.....

Young refugees exchange letters of hope

Somali children in a Kenyan refugee camp exchange letters of hope with Syrian children living in a refuge in Jordan.

This will change you in exactly 60 seconds - Did you know that your children look up to you as their role model? Choose your actions wisely, Children see, Children D...

Children at risk in the Philippines

Ned Olney of Save the Children explains how children in disasters are vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and trafficking.

Colds versus allergies in children

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