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Finding the Right Solution

Many women don't realize aging makes heart disease likelier. To combat this problem, teams from Brookdale senior living communities nationwide ar...

Introducing VioletTM Iodine

BioPharmX Corporation (OTCQB: BPMX) today announced the availability of Violet™ iodine, a new, once-daily pill for relief of premenstrual breast dis...

Freshly Made Simply Frozen Video Dailymotion

Finding time to eat well doesn’t mean you have to resort to eating out or going through the drive through during this busy fall season. New data ...

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Improving your health could help you sleep better

Dr. Sanjay Gupta finds out how sleeping conditions can relate to other health concerns.

Cure Any Allergy personal,Healing Sessions, Consultations, Health Coaching, Special Event Health Speaking, Customized Nutritional....

Is Pope Francis039 health declining

The Pope's health is being questioned after the Vatican canceled his daily mass and several upcoming appearances.

Tracking Your Pet039s Health

Karin Caifa looks at new technology to help you track your pet's health and fitness

Top health stories

CNN's Melisa Raney gives us the latest health news about flu drugs, sneezing, and whether procrastination is genetic.

Top health stories

Making health news: benefits of marriage, kids and cholesterol and unfilled prescriptions.

Health Care US vs Canada

Sen. Bernie Sanders asked a panel of experts to contrast the United States health care system with single-payer models throughout the world.

Health Minute039s top stories

Making health headlines: New blood pressure data and a healthier concession stand.

Spring clean your health

CNN's Polo Sandoval explains a few steps you can take to renew and revitalize your health and wellness.

This week039s top health news

Making health news: caffeine and kids, why sailors don't get sick, and the CDC's global agenda.