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BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Indianapolis IN Restore Energy Low Sex My-Bio was created and founded by Dr. Bala Rangaswami in 2011 to meet the wellness of patients in central Indiana. With over 2...

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Should sex work be decriminalized

CNN's Jonathan Mann holds a discussion between two people who have differing views on the laws around the sex industry.

Video Sex Walk Of Shame When Your Friends Know You Just Had Sex Comedy Skit

@RoadToHollywood Posted By Persist

Confronting the traffickers

Mira Sorvino gets a tour of Sway Pak, a community in Cambodia that is known for sex trafficking of children.

Video WTH Is This Japanese Game Simulates Sex Oculus Rift Sex Simulator

Submitted By BigLilKim Posted By Persist

Miley Cyrus Thinks Matt Lauer Hasnt Had Sex in 15 Years Celebrity Videos

Cuz she says people don’t have sex over 40.

Couple has sex for 365 days

A woman and her husband have sex everyday for an entire year to help improve their relationship.

Paris Hiltons next sex tape Celebrity Videos TMZcom

Okay, it’s not a sex tape.  But she loves to get foamed.

NYU039s Dr Lamm Oral sex is not safe sex

Dr. Lamm shares information on the relationship between HPV and Oral Sex on the backdrop of Michael Douglas' interview