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Lunar elevators and asteroid mining Kickstarting the next chapter of space expl

Privately funded space missions might sound like the preserve of the financial elite, but the truth is actually a little more pedestrian. Speaking at

Recordbreaking freefall advances space suit technology video Engadget

Jumping to Earth from the edge of space is no mean feat. Not only are you dropping like a stone, there

3Dprinted images help the blind 039see039 Hubble039s photos of space

The Hubble Space Telescope has produced some of the most spectacular images known to man, but there

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Astronauts return to Earth after 6 months in space

NASA astronaut Terry Virts and his crewmates land in Kazakhstan following a 199-day mission to the International Space Station.

See Soyuz rocket launch into space

Three new crew members are headed on a six-month voyage aboard the International Space Station.

From space race to space war

Rachel Crane talks with SpaceX's Elon Musk about his company's recent NASA contract and the brewing battle with Boeing.

Boeing SpaceX win private space race

Rachel Crane explains NASA's commercial crew contract competition and what it means for the future of space travel.

How Long You Could Survive in Space Without a Space Suit

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A space station worker makes friends in space, barely.

Video Martian Living Quarters

At Johnson's Space Center, engineers are working on a Deep Space Habitat, where astronauts will eventually live and work on Mars.

JohnnyExpress on Vimeo

It's 2150 There are all sorts of Aliens living throughout space. Johnny is a Space Delivery Man who travels to different planets to deliver pack...

LiveLeakcom 2014 A Space Odyssey

One for the conspiracy theorists on why the US cancelled their space program ..... yeah, it's a bit silly, but I always liked fart jokes.

In space no one can clean underwear

Astronaut Chris Hadfield tells Conan that space station residents fling dirty laundry into space to burn up in re-entry.