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Tom Mangelsen Polar Play

In March of 2010, nature photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen traveled to Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba to photograph polar bears and their young emergi...

Curious baby bear comes to visit kitty

This little bear cub comes on my deck to check out my cat through the glass door. At the end, maybe he got scared, because he backs up while standing ...

Laziest Polar Bear Ever HD

Straight from the Arctic to your screen, here's the laziest polar bear ever recorded. This polar bear was recorded using a Canon Mark II DSLR in...

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LiveLeakcom Crab Steals a Bear Bottle

gimme back my bear

Lumberjack Rescues Bear with Milk Can Stuck on Head CollegeHumor Video

It's like a real life claw machine! Except he didn't get the teddy bear. :( Watch

Bear Opens Car Door CollegeHumor Video

This pickup seats five (humans), or one bear. Either / or. Watch

Rational Voice Makes Bear Question Life Choices CollegeHumor Video

The aftermath is that the bear went back to school and got his GED. Now he's a paralegal. Watch

Mother Bear Rescues Baby Bear

Tornado hunter Ricky Forbes was driving through Kootenay National Park when he spotted the black bear cub sitting dangerously close to the highway. Fu...

LiveLeakcom Circus Bear Attacks Handler then Calms Down and Rides Scooter

I think the bear was tired of listening to t.A.T.u . Looks to have occurred back in January 2012, but does not appear to have received a lot of me.....

Honey there039s a bear right behind you

Bob and Irene McKeown were on their way out the door when a bear followed them to the car! CNN affiliate KTLA reports.

Bear In Lamborghini Stops LA Traffic

Yogi REAL Bear in Randy

Polar Bear Tries To Break Glass At Russia Zoo

This bear as a pretty nice plan to escape.

LiveLeakcom Bear attacks forest guards

Bear rescued from a well. That's gratutude for you.