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LiveLeakcom Bear Being Chased By Police

The bear ran the cops in circles

LiveLeakcom Bear rescued with a jackhammer

Angry bear needs a little help from excavator.

The tragic bear that suffers for selfies

Trapped in the middle of a shopping centre in China - his white fur contrasting against the unnaturally blue display he is an unwilling part of - this...

LiveLeakcom Bear Wanders Into Back Garden and Attacks Fake Deer

In certain parts of America, seeing a bear in your back yard isn’t the most uncommon sight in the world, but it’s always going to be a bit of a sh...

LiveLeakcom Bear Opens Door to Car Volume Warning

While driving through Yellowstone National Park, this family encountered a bear on the side of the road, so they stopped to say hello and snap some pi...

LiveLeakcom What would you do if a bear was coming at you

This guy found out.'This is a situation every back country traveller never wants to experience. I was down wind of the bear and looking down hill...

Snowboarder Girl Chased By Bear I Was Singing Rihanna Work And Didn039t Kno

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OMG! I was going through my snowboarding videos and I found a bear chasing me!!! I nearly got eaten!!! This was at Hakuba 47 in Japan, filmed yesterda...

The Freestyling bear

A bear showing his skills to his good buddy T. (a squirrel).

LiveLeakcom Russia: Bear nearly gets stuck trying to leave through window aft

A bear, believed to be a brown bear cub, broke into a house in Kamchatka, Thursday, while the owners were out. The hungry animal helped itself to ever...

bear in tree spooks california neighborhood video reuterscom

a bakersfield resident wakes up to a large bear in the yard, believed to have wandered in from the surrounding foothills in search for food. vanessa j...