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LiveLeakcom Drunk driver doing 158 kmh in a 50 kmh zone

and you know what happens

LiveLeakcom Instant karma

This idiot with his jeep came in front of me from the right while he saw that I was driving quicker than him. So I had to slow down from 70 km/h to 50...

Sliding 130kmh inches from the ground

Riding what is essentially a steel tray, head first, on your stomach, at 130km/h is the sport called skeleton.

LiveLeakcom 100 kmh on the car roof

Aga have some fun on the runway. 100 km/h

MercedesBenz Maybach Vision 6 Exterior Walkaround

collected by 2 users

Vision Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 super car seen from outside. The vehicle has 550 kW (750 PS) engine with 0-100 km/h for under 4 seconds. Top speed is...

Tunja B110 120mm SelfPropelled Mine Launcher Exterior in 3D 4K UHD

collected by 2 users

120-mm Tunja B1-10 Self-Propelled Mine Laucher in 3D. Type - armoured, tracked, amphibian. Produced in Bulgaria. In service with the Bulgarian Army si...

Formula DMB 850 S 1969 Exterior and Interior in 3D 4K UHD

Outside and inside view in 3D of first Serbian Formula car - Formula DBM 850 S. Created by the Institute for engines in Rakovici (Ex Yugoslavia), the ...

Porsche 911 Targa 4 Exterior and Interior in 3D 4K UHD

View from outside and inside in 3D of Porsche Porsche 911 Targa 4. The car is with all wheel drive, rear 6-cylinder engine with displacement 3436 cm³...

2017 Tomos Flexer XL walk around

collected by 2 users

Low cost bike with oil pump. Engine 49 cc air- cooled two stroke; Emission standard €2, €4; MAX SPEED 45,25 KM/H; MAX POWER -2.3 KW (45 KM/H), 1.....

Speed Model Car 330 kmh Incredible

You think you are happy with your remote control car? Speed Model Car 330 kmh. That's right! This expensive achieves an enormous rate, despite it...