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What Irish People Actually Did When They Saw Jay Z amp Beyonce

After TMZ guy claimed that Irish people didn't even know who Jay Z and Beyonce were, we thought it right to rectify the situation. Here's wh...

Countdown Snuggie Version Comparison

Side to side comparison of Snuggie Version and Original. The original video belongs to Beyonce.

Argentina Dancing With The Stars Get Naked on National TV Esi Magic

The Argentina version of Dancing With The Stars had two contestants who decided to strip BUCK NAKED during their dance performance.

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Beyonce angers NASA community

Beyonce defends herself after it's revealed her song "XO" samples audio from the space shuttle "challenger" disaster.

Beyonce Grown Woman Teaser

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NEW VIDEO Beyonce feat Drake Mine AllHipHopcom

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JayZ and Beyonce Are Vegans Now But Beyonce Spotted Wearing A FUR

Famed couple commits to changing their eating habits for a set period of time. -ABC News

Beyonce Named MOTHER Of The YEAR

Beyonce has joined forces with children

Beyonce The Making of the Beyonce 2014 Official Calendar

Beyonce Pulled Into Crowd Saved by Bodyguards Celebrity Videos TMZcom

Beyonce has been manhandled again on stage, except this time by a real fan!

Beyonce A TMZ Fan Celebrity Videos TMZcom

Beyonce was caught on Coney Island shooting a new video, and gives us a shout-out directly! She knows who we are?!