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Escape Chute Testing 200509

The Testing of A Viking Escape Chute at DSME Shipyard Okpo South Korea

How to Escape from a Nursing Home Mr. Forthright escaped from a German POW camp in WW2; now, he's using his skills and helping you escape you...

Guy escapes back of Cop car by sliding off handcuffs and opening back window

More videos at http://M80.TV Quincy Alexander, 26, was arrested in West Bloomfield, Michigan in July for alleged heroin possession and attacking a wo...

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Escaped girl recalls kidnapping ordeal

CNN's Nima Elbajir's exclusive interview with one of the kidnapped Nigerian girls who escaped.

LiveLeakcom FSA rocket launch failCameraman escaped while filming slo more snackbars...everyone escaped

Pitiful Escape Attempt Video

Guy fails at 3rd story escape plan.

LiveLeakcom Hundreds of turists run to escape bushfire Portbou Catalunya

I believe 4 people lost their lives in this fire, including a father and daughter that jumped from a 165 ft cliff in a failed attempt to escape the fl...

Video Dog Escapes Python039s Grip

dog escapes the clutches of a python

No escape from Gaza violence

As the bombs continue to fall, residents of Gaza have nowhere to escape to. CNN's Ben Wedeman reports from inside Gaza.

LiveLeakcom Chechens chasing an escaped Bear

Bear had escaped from the Zoo 'Ramzanchika'. Ideal thing is to wrestle it to the ground, don't you think?

LiveLeakcom Police escape fail in Vietnam

Police escape fail...LOL

Rider videotapes his neardeath escape

A lucky motorbike rider had a narrow escape from serious injury when he almost collided head-on with a car on the A537 in the Peak District. (uk.scree...

LiveLeakcom Three militiamen escape the attention of an unsharpshooter

A woeful spot of shooting sees three militia gunman escape.