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Japanese Synchronized Gymnastics

An amazing Japanese Gymnastics Performance.

Airplane Truck Drop

Military airplane truck drop. Video is not mine.

Rice Reacting To Sound Waves

Rice reacting to sound waves on speaker. Earn Bucks With Swagbucks. Redeem Cool Prizes! All you need to do is just search and earn.. Sign Up Now! htt...

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Iraqi Army braces for combat

CNN's Arwa Damon gets exclusive access to the front lines of the Iraqi Army's defense against advancing ISIS militants.

Iraqi Kurdistan We bring stability

In this web extra, Christiane Amanpour asks the Iraqi Kurdish President how the region would react to independence.

Iraqi PM alMaliki resigns

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announces he will stop down from his post.

Obama America is helping Iraqis

In his weekly address President Obama said that the U.S. is helping Iraqis with targeted airstrikes and aid.

LiveLeakcom Iraqi Drones Keep Distributing Death to ISIS

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Official Video recently released today by Iraqi Ministry of Defense, showing more air strikes to many ISIS targets in Tikrit. As in the past videos,...

LiveLeakcom Iraqi air force drones some ISIS terrorists

Official Video by Iraqi Ministry of Defense. The video shows precision strike vs many locations of ISIS in Mosul yesterday. the footage is fi...

Iraqi Shias show force in weapons parade

Iraqi Shia fighters march in a public weapons display and say they are ready to fight for their country.

Gunman seize Iraqi university

A number of students have fled from an Iraqi university.

Sunni view of Iraq rebellion

A Sunni tribal leader criticizes the Iraqi leader's tactics in key cities. CNN's Michael Holmes reports.

Reports Tanks deployed around Falluja

The Iraqi government appears to be gearing up for an assault to retake Falluja. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.