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Protesters Kettled And Arrested At Occupy National Gathering NatGat Part 12

Source: Another streamer involved:

Football Cops Trailer

A sneak peek at Football Cops, the new cop drama starring Peyton and Eli Manning premiering this fall, only on DIRECTV. For more information about the...

Cop van pushes protester in Chicago TRWBS Captured on UstreamMobile record Cit

Captured on USTREAM: TRWBS - Cop van pushes protester in Chicago Mobile record Citizen Journalist

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Cop Eats Piece of Paper in Front of Judge Receives quotContempt of Courtquot

The cop is actually a hero; it was done in order to save the anonymity of a tipster.They wanted to throw the book at him, but he was still hungry.&...

Bong Prank On The Cops Video

The guys from VitalyzedTV went out and hit a water pipe with tobacco tricking cops into thinking they were smoking weed.

Cops Try To Frame Black Man And Get Caught Video

Marcus Jeter escapes a 5 year prison sentence after the tapes appeared. Now these dirty cops are the ones who are facing charges.

Cops Shoots Knife Wielding Man Dead But Did He Really Need To Light Him Up Lik

Was this a case of suicide by cop or trigger happy cop who wasn

Cops Launch A Boat With Trailer Video

The keystone cops attempt to go boating...

LiveLeakcom Honest Cops

Cops cant even do their jobs anymore. People won't leave them the hell alone....

The Coolest Cop Ever Video

A cop is impressed with this guy

Cop tells lover he039s under investigation

An Arizona cop is accused of having an affair with an alleged drug dealer

Bad Ass Cops Prevent Drug Plane From Taking Off Video

These Brazilian cops don