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Protesters Kettled And Arrested At Occupy National Gathering NatGat Part 12

Source: Another streamer involved:

Football Cops Trailer

A sneak peek at Football Cops, the new cop drama starring Peyton and Eli Manning premiering this fall, only on DIRECTV. For more information about the...

Cop van pushes protester in Chicago TRWBS Captured on UstreamMobile record Cit

Captured on USTREAM: TRWBS - Cop van pushes protester in Chicago Mobile record Citizen Journalist

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IMAGINE if this had happened here! US cops take note, this is how REAL HEROES handle the mentally ill.

Cops Armed With Nunchuks

Cops in a Northern California town are going to be equipped with nunchuks. Subscribe for more videos:

Cop VS Cop Prank

Don't miss another Gag - Subscribe!: Can't click annotations? Tickle Torture Therapy: JFL Pr...

Cop Saves Man From A Speeding Train Video

Not sure if this guy was high or stupid, but he’s alive thanks to a good cop.

Video: WORST Cop EVER Real Life 039Training Day039 ILPvideocom

is this how this cop serves and protects?

Cop Checks Another Cop For Harassing Citizens New Video

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What would you tell a cop over coffee

The "Coffee with a Cop" program hopes to improve relations between police officers and community members.

LiveLeakcom Cop Chokes Out Two Rowdy Spring Breakers

These guys picked the wrong cop to mess with.

LiveLeakcom Humiliation Cop Paints Teenagers that Were Graffiting the Neighb

This Brazilian Cop doesn't mess around...he's gonna get an off-duty promotion soon