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LiveLeakcom Human cannon balls are pass

.. introducing human fireball! Man is hit with high voltage,falls to the ground and manages to walk away

Sanders: 039We are not a compassionate society039

Sen. Bernie Sanders grills Rep. Tom Price, President-elect Donald Trump's choice to lead the Deparment of Health and Human Services, over his opi...

How will humans travel to deep space

See where the most powerful rocket in the world is being built, and step inside the advanced spacecraft that could take humans farther than ever befor...

TRAILER: Secret Life of the Human Pups Wednesday 25th May 10pm Channel 4

A remarkable behind-the-scenes look at the hidden world of human pups: a secretive subculture of men who dress and behave like dogs. Why do they covet...

What kind of companies are coming out of Human Ventures

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A Rising Tide Floats All Ships: John Borthwick (Betaworks), Heather Hartnett (Human Ventures Capital) & Naveen Selvadurai (Expa)

MH370 Technical failure or human act

Two experts debate why they believe Flight 370 veered so far off course, a mechanical issue or an intentional human act.

Lol You Are Human If You Do These Things

Ok, I have done a few of these so I guess am human.

LiveLeakcom The Human Spambot bonus video

Singapore's human spam bot --------------------------------------------- South Korean 'Airmail'

Video Not Human Apparel Promo User Submitted

Up Coming Clothing Brand Called Not Human On the Rise, Bringing in a Sense Of Unique Fashion That

LiveLeakcom What humans do in a natural paradise

Just being humans