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MoD issues videos warning Twitter generation that 039Careless talk costs live

The Ministry of Defence has issued "Careless talk costs lives"-style public information videos on YouTube, warning servicemen and women a...

May 22 2011 Tornado Decimates Joplin

KSN 16 TV's footage of the tornado that made Joplin, Missouri declared as a disaster zone. It took out half a hospital and many other buildings. ...

Tuscaloosa Tornado Unedited Raw Version 42711

This is an unedited video of the horrible Tuscaloosa Tornado of 4/27/11. We were just east of the McFarland Boulevard Exit on I 20-59. Not to be.....

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57 seconds to death Israel039s warning to civilians in action

In some cases, before bombing a home school or hospital, the Israel "Defence" force give a warning by letting of a small explosion on the ro...

UK warns of new extremist fears Video Reuterscom

Senior British police officer warns of extremism risk in Europe from jihadists returning after fighting in Iraq and Syria. Paul Chapman reports.

Rwanda warns against repeat elsewhere

The Rwandan Justice Minister warns that the world is not doing a good enough job preventing an 'eruption' of violence.

Video Deep A Powerful Message From 1965 Warning About Americasamp039 Futur

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Paul Harvey's warning to America Posted By Persist

LiveLeakcom Bronco fan babe totally loses her shit during the Superbowl

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Volume warning. Profanity warning. Insulting vertical format warning. Raging bitch warning.

McCain 039There were warnings039

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LiveLeakcom Why I eat wild game Slaughterhouse shenanigans

FIRST WARNING : Graphic. SECOND WARNING : Narrators voice. THIRD WARNING : If you hate animal violence AND enviros, take blood pressure meds. Des...

An immigration warning to GOP

John King, Margaret Talev & Robert Costa on a warning to the GOP: if you don't pass reform, don't bother running in '16.

What To Do When Caught Cheating

Warning Warning do not follow any of these crazy instructions. If you do you're and idiot!

LiveLeakcom Volume Warning idiot choked out by securityejected from stadiu

action starts @ 1:25 @ 4:15 security gets involved Minnesota Vikings vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mall of America Field