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Neil Tyson Human Intelligence

Link for full video:Cosmic Quandaries with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson -

Big Bang Theory scene in FamilyGuy magyar felirattal FamilyGuy s08e09 TBBT scene with HUN sub. "Agymenők" rész a FamilyGuyból magyar feliratt...

the great canadian pliance jump

ricky pliance didnt come to have a good time thanks for watching!

Big Ben Bang Video of London 2011 New Year fireworks over Thames

Revellers across Europe celebrated the arrival of the New Year on Saturday, with dazzling fireworks displays in various capital cities. In the British...

The Beast File Koch Brothers HUNGRY BEAST

The Koch brothers are free-market capitalists and anti-global warming campaigners. Which would all be fine, except for the names and fronts they seem ...

Spider dances the Tango Dancing with the Spiders

Forget dancing with the stars! These little guys know how to move! This is a video of a real jumping spider that actually dances to attract mates! .....

The Slow Mo Guys Giant 6ft Water Balloon

Watch this one in HD! The slow mo guys are well aware that water balloons are always good in slow motion. In this video, Gav and crew try (and fail ma...

Olivia catches a GIANT goldfish

chilling at a local lake in Kansas City! and caught this BIG ASS Gold Fish!

Kaley Cuoco Bought a Shake Weight

The hilarious Kaley Cuoco admitted to Ellen that she recently bought a Shake Weight. She explained why she thought it was a good idea -- and ended up ...

Death Metal Friday

LOL! Song by: Rebecca Black Cover song by : Jarett Norton and Danny Dodge