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Hitchens Serves Bill Maher039s Panel

Bill Maher

Bill Moyers Joblessness is Killing Us Pope Agrees

"If we don’t dethrone our present system of financial capitalism that rewards those at the top who then use it to rig the rules against even th...

TDS How a Bill Doesn039t Become a Law ampbull VideoSift Online Vid

Wyatt Cenac reports on the death of H.R. 3472, a bill providing health insurance premium discounts for exercising. 10/31/2011

Reza Aslan Bill Maher 039not very sophisticated039

Reza Aslan offers his reaction to Bill Maher's recent remarks regarding the link between violence and Islam. More from CNN at

Circulatory System Bill Nye on the Heart Part 1

bill nye the science guy

Bill Moyers Essay On the Sabotage of Democracy

“Like the die-hards of the racist South a century and a half ago, who would destroy the union before giving up their slaves, so would these people b...

Bill Burr Raising a Kid

Raise your hand if you want Bill Burr to be your dad.

Bill Moyers Essay The Hypocrisy of 039Justice for All039

Bill reports on the hypocrisy of “justice for all” in a society where billions are squandered for a war born in fraud while the poor are pushed as...

Eclectic Method Bill Murray Eclectic Method's tribute to one of the hippest dudes of Ever! Here is how to tell if you are at the best party cu...