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Super Mario

【Twitter】 日々のつぶやきの他、リクエストも受付ております。 【ニコ生コミュ】配...

Heifetz thumbs his nose at audition

This is why you should practice!!!!

Perlman Playing Giuseppe Tartini039s Devil039s Trill

Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770) Sonata in G minor, 'Il trillo del diavolo' -The Devil's Trill- Allegro/Cadenza by Kreisl...

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Video Talent Of The Week Rise amp Fall Dubstep Violin Remix Cover

Patrick Contreras plays Electric Violin over Adventure Club


The word violin comes from the Medieval Latin word vitula, meaning stringed instrument. The violin is also known as Fiddle. It is an instrument of str...

Violin Super Mario

E3 , man plays violin to Super Mario. EPIC


"Time For Three" news: Zach and I (Nick) are on our way to meet up with our bassist, Ranaan Meyer, to play at the Artosphere Arts and Nature...

the Violin scene from ep 6 season 4 of LOUIE on FX 2 new eps every Monday at 10p

this is Ursula Parker and Eszter Balint playing violin while Louie stands there like a jerk.

This stolen violin was worth HOW MUCH

A Master Symphony Orchestra violinist was robbed of his violin that is worth six million dollars. WITI reports.

Amazing Street Performer With Violin And Looping Pedal Video

Armed with a violin and a loop pedal, he becomes a one man orchestra.

Guy plays Super Mario on the violin perfectly in sync with the game

Violin Super Mario: Violinist Teppei Okada serenades a number of classic video games with a live score performed in real-time. ..

Violin Bow on Vimeo

Violin Bow is used as playing music with Violin, a string instrument with the vibration caused by different strings with the movement of the bow. Alb...

History of Violin THE INSTRUMENTALS Episode 7

Charles Yang takes us on a 44 song, 12min journey through some of the violin's greatest moments in history. Check out Charles' own channe...