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Sir you are doing it wrong The mud worm

When a mud puddle forms the worms will come out to play. Brisbane Future Music Festival + rain = funny combination

Oceanic Cocaine Spill039s Impact On Wildlife

When tons of coke get dumped in the water supply, the fish can get extra-peppy. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouT...

IMG 1967 x264

Полет пожарного

Eye Contact

"You don't need your mind for love... You just need a hug!"


✖ DONΛTE TO THE humanΛCOUSTICS™ NETWORK | via text 729725 (PAYPAL) to humanΛCOUSTICS™ | un...

Creative and Talented Urban Snowboarding

looks so easy

Ukraine Got Talent The world039s best pole dancer Anastasia Sokolova

Pole dance is a form of performance art, traditionally associated with strip clubs, which combines dance and acrobatics centered around a vertical pol...

Uncensored The Workaholics Guys Find a New Cubicle Mate feat Seth Rogen and

Adam, Blake and Ders come up with an unconventional and intimate method of interviewing applicants for a free spot in their cubicle. "Neighbors&...

Ricky Gervais039 Guilty Pleasures

We spoke to Ricky Gervais about his guiltiest of pleasures

Kicked in the head by a train

I tried to take a selfie while a train passed a "safe" distance behind. I guess I was still too close and got kicked in the head. For licen...